Directions from Iowa City, Iowa

1.   From the Highway 1 Exit on I-80 (exit 246), take Highway 1 North – towards Solon.

2.   Continue north on IA-1 for 4 miles.

3.   Turn LEFT onto Newport Rd.

4.   Continue 1.5 miles on Newport Road until you reach Sugar Bottom Road – just past the church.

5.   Go RIGHT on Sugar Bottom Road and drive for 1.5 miles.

6.   There will be a large Hawkeye Gold mailbox – SJOLUND. This is our driveway.

7.  The studio is located in a forest.  Continue down the driveway and to the right.

8.  Our studio is behind the house, so continue down to the parking area and entrance.

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Studio Phone:  319 – 624 – 5059