ON SALE! 35 mm film (color or black and white) is scanned at $7.00 per frame NOW $5.00 per frame!

Scanning Film and Slides

Wilderness Studio has scanners that can digitize film and slides.  The scanned images can be used to create photographic prints, or images that can be viewed on computer screens or televisions.  We have 2 scanners that produce 2 different levels of resolution.

Our Imacon (Hasselblad) virtual drum scanner can scan at 6,300 ppi.  We have produced 20×30 inch prints which have won awards from 35mm negatives.  Each scan is $20.00.  We can scan 35mm negatives, 120 film, and 4×5 negatives with this machine.

Our Epson Photo flatbed scanner typically scans at 1,200 ppi and we make 4×6, 5×7, and 8×10 prints from scanned images of negatives and slides.  We also produce files of jpg images for computer displays. We use only the Epson scanner to scan 35mm slides because the Imacon drum scanner cannot scan film in cardboard mounts. Scanning 35mm slides is $3.00 each and the images are saved as jpg files.  35 mm film (color or black and white) is scanned at $7.00 per frame NOW $5.00 per frame and the images are saved as both a .jpg and a .tif file. The scanned images from the negatives are edited to restore color and to improve contrast.  Additional image editing is done at $25.00 for 30 minutes of editing.

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